Optical Formulas Tutorial, 2e by Ellen D. Stoner

Optical Formulas Tutorial, 2e

Book Title: Optical Formulas Tutorial, 2e

Publisher: Butterworth-Heinemann

ISBN: 0750675047

Author: Ellen D. Stoner

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Ellen D. Stoner with Optical Formulas Tutorial, 2e

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Designed for students and professionals preparing for the ABO certification exam or wishing to quickly brush up on optical formulas, this easy-to-use workbook contains optical formulas, definitions, and walk-through problems with practical examples throughout. Rather than searching through dozens of optics books, readers will find all relevant information here in one source. Coverage includes everything from sine, cosine and tangent to resultant prism and resolving prism to polarized filters - and much more!
  • Features a user-friendly format that facilitates the review process, with practical examples throughout.
  • Provides a convenient review of optical formulas and basic math problems.
  • Begins each chapter with a brief discussion of the topic, then proceeds with exercises and examples; answers are provided at the end of the book.
  • New work-text design allows the reader to complete practice exercises within the book and section being studied.
  • More complex formulas include "how to use the calculator" boxes, and multiple choice review sections have been added to the sections.
  • Advanced exercises such as non-formula exercises are now included throughout.