Success University for Women in Business (Volume 2) by Jan Fraser

Success University for Women in Business (Volume 2)

Book Title: Success University for Women in Business (Volume 2)

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 1540443523

Author: Jan Fraser

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Jan Fraser with Success University for Women in Business (Volume 2)

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Success Can Be Yours!

It's time for you to take back control and grab the success you've been waiting for, no matter the challenges you might be facing right now.

Whether you're a career woman or a busy work-from-home mom, you can succeed in business and life... you just need a little help (and maybe a little push!).

Inside Success University for Women (in Business), you'll hear from 16 successful business women from all over the world who chose to face their fears and succeed.

You'll hear stories about how to increase your potential, how successful women think differently and speak differently, and how to stand in integrity, no matter how difficult that might seem right now.

Finally find balance in your life while still getting ahead and having a career you want. Neither has to be exclusive of each other.

These 16 women are truly inspirational and through their transparency and expert knowledge, you'll find the answers you've been searching for.

If you're struggling with:

  • Getting in the door
  • Getting & excelling at keeping a job
  • Positive teamwork
  • Work/Life Balance
  • Ethics & values in the workplace
  • Communication skills 
  • Working with difficult personalities
  • Making real connections

The stories inside Success University for Women (in Business) will provide you with courage, restore your faith, ignite your passion and help you expand your limits.

All that's left for you to do is take action. Simply scroll to the top and click or tap "buy now" and begin your journey today!