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Tips in Selecting the Right Press Release Service Press releases will never lose its cachet as a public relations tool. They are usually the first ones to cue a customer if a company has new products or activities to promote. The press releases can also catch the interest of reporters and goad them to interview the company about it or even feature it in an in-depth article about the topic of the release. Your challenge is resolving how your press release will be disseminated. Companies often employ the savvy of established press release services to ensure all-out coverage and superior placement. Paid press release distribution services are a dime a dozen. Prior to signing a service, it is crucial that the one you choose suits your needs and means. There is a certain amount of money involved in getting a press release service so you may want to consider the following. Look at the length of your press release.
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You should watch the span of your release. Many press release services count the number of words you use and add to the price tag any additional word beyond the limit. Know the word count requirement of the service you are considering. There are services that can customize your release to meet the assigned word count while the lengthier release can be placed on your website. Figure out your primary target markets.
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A particular service may offer a specific target distribution options depending on the topic or geographic location. The geographical component may be national, international, regional, or state distribution. Services can also distribute by topic so your release can end up in the inbox of reporters or editors in charge of technology, lifestyle or sports. You can have your news delivered by demographics such as college graduates, Hispanics, homeowners, etc. Decide if your release can be improved by including a photo or multimedia file. If a photo, logo or multimedia file can help, inform the service ahead of time so you can discuss the extra cost of using it. Every press release service arranges these differently. Evaluate your release for SEO optimization. Make sure that your release is in line for search engine optimization. Are the elements for improving online search for your press release present? There are a number of services that include search engine optimization in their dissemination so you may want to keep them in mind. High visibility online is a valuable benefit of hiring a paid press release service. Know how much you need to spend. The payments for press release services vary widely depending on how the release will be distributed, the photos and multimedia files included, and the word count used. You can save on expenses by knowing the appropriate regional, national, international or state distribution your company requires for online visibility.